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Guangzhou Sunlight Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of dental equipment with many years of operating history
Guangzhou Sunlight Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of dental equipment with many years of operating history. It is located in the densely populated southern center of China---Guangzhou. The company has a group of highly skilled and experienced talents. Committed to the development and update of the production of dental equipment and related accessories, continuously increase the investment in production equipment, continuously improve the production process, and continuously improve the quality of its own products, integrating scientific research, production, and trade. We have established long-term partnerships with hospitals and medical equipment operating companies. With its convenience, practicality and high cost-effective advantages, we create a better medical environment for patients with our common reputation, and have won praise from customers at home and abroad. With a strong R&D team, we ensure that the company’s innovative products continue to enter the market; we can design practical, beautiful, and scientific medical device products according to customer requirements, which is our unique and distinctive feature; improve the process by optimizing raw material supply channels Process, scientifically configure warehouse management, and complete every customer's order on time, quality, quantity, and requirements.
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The company's main business scope is established in China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North America and other regions, with a global international trade market and a growing sales network. Our products and brands have been exported to the United States, Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Turkey, Canada, Romania and other countries and regions. Our expanding sales team continues to work hard.
We attach great importance to the training of employees, strengthen training according to the guidance of the job description, and continuously improve the professional level and comprehensive quality of employees to make them more in line with the needs of the job and improve their career. At the same time, we will continue to introduce various types of high-quality talents, and use them in an eclectic manner, bringing fresh blood to the company, thereby improving the company's overall management, scientific research, and marketing level. In today's highly competitive market, our mission is to provide a professional sales team, sell high-quality products, and provide good after-sales services. As our company continues to grow, our customers have shown strong confidence in our products and services. In addition, we promise to our customers that this product will be guaranteed for one year, and we will provide direct door-to-door repair and maintenance services and product warranty extensions to relieve customers' worries.
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